With almost 10 years of game development experience covering mobile, VR and web, we are used to shipping high quality games. We used Unity before it was cool, and can call ourselves specialists, without hesitating.
When it comes to games on the web, Phaser is our weapon of choice, to deliver fast games that load instantly.
If you are looking to bring your next big app idea to life or just want to extend your current brand, we can also help you there. Our team is well-versed in the ways of app creation and will work hard to bring your ideas to fruition. We create cross-platform apps using React Native or its newer competitor Flutter, keeping a single codebase for both iOS and Android.
With every great app comes a beautiful website. More and more people use their mobile to browse websites, that’s why we prioritize both desktop and mobile when it comes to website design. We can deliver a mobile responsive website, which looks good on an iPhone 4 and a 30-inch ultra-wide monitor.
We’re not just frontend developers; we can deliver a solid backend as well. Using the serverless paradigm, we keep a very low operational cost and scale seamlessly. We have experience with Node.JS, AWS and Firebase.
You can rest assured that we will deliver an awesome REST API or perhaps you want to use GraphQL like the cool kids? We have experience with both solutions.
If you need to bring a concept to life in record time, look no further. We know what’s important and what can wait, when you need something done in a matter of days or weeks. Our advantage is that we can get started right away, and that you’ll communicate directly with the developers. There’s less friction and more smooth sailing.