Maria is all about building high performance teams, customer relations and scoping projects.
She’s been part of the Danish startup environment for years, she knows athing or two about how to take an idea from start to finish. She’s been producing games with teams spread across the globe - lately the title Stormblades which was produced in Canada and Denmark. She’s been a consultant on multiple productions helping startups accelerate their products within months.
A passionate Software Developer with an eye for the details and a drive to deliver high quality products. Will walk the extra mile to test and clean up work, rather than rushing to close an issue. Enthusiastic team player who has a hard time not meddling in other aspects of product development, including graphics and UX.
New technologies are met with a dedication to master them and new challenges are always seen as an opportunity to learn.
Professional Digital Artist with a decade of experience in 3D. 10 shipped game titles resulting in advanced knowledge of building video games from first concept to final release.
Accustomed to handling diverse responsibilities from game development and brand identity to architectural visualization.
He can bring almost anything to life with effective prototyping and idea generation.
Software Developer with backend and frontend experience. Enthusiastic and challenge-driven with a tendency to overdeliver.
Driven to explore new things, and keep up with prominent techniques. Team-player who is used to developing large systems, while still paying attention to detail.