Mindfox Studios – We design digital experiences


We’re game developers by heart, and have been working professionally with the mobile platform for years. We’re currently producing some titles for the mobile market, but you’ll also see some web and VR titles from us.


Game design can be used in various sectors, so we’re also taking on projects for customers who wish to build digital experiences that are engaging and fun. From learning tools to interactive advertisement, we have a unique skill-set with a focus on engagement, the intuitive user experience and of course playfulness.

Mindfox Studios – We design digital experiences


If you’re looking for interactive digital experiences, we might be the studio you’ve been looking for!

From Idea to Action

We have lots of experience bringing the outline of an idea into a solid format. We can create the entire experience for you to approve, and from there set the entire thing into production.

From mobile to VR

We develop everything from prototypes to full solutions. We support various platforms such as mobile, web and VR.

From A - Z

Our team is geared to tackle everything regarding design, project management, and code.
We currently use freelancers to help us with sound and animation.

Mindfox Studios – We design digital experiences


Maria Garde

Alpha Fox

Erik Høj

Code Fox


Daniel Johnsen

Art Fox

Mathias Søholm

Code Fox

Mindfox Studios – We design digital experiences